Products & Services:Wellness That Works

A Wellness Program that works will:

  • Give you a hard dollar, positive ROI in year 1 whether you are a 60 Employee company or 600 Employee Company
  • Have > 70% of employees and spouses engaged in the program
  • Be HIPAA compliant
  • Provide additional data to measure companies health improvements
  • Improve workforce productivity and job satisfaction

The graphs above represent the aggregate health care claims for four client companies between 2007 and 2010.  The average size of each group is 800 employees.  The graphs show the claims trend difference between participants and non participants of the wellness program.  One might assume that only the healthy adults participated, which would account for the lower claims amongst participants. But, not so. In fact, 68% of all the adults that participated across all 4 years were assessed to have health risks significant enough to require them to work regularly with a health coach.

An innovative accountability based Wellness Program with financial incentives to participate is the key. Let us show you how.

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