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Core Services

Find the right doctors:
We'll also locate the right hospitals, dentists and other leading healthcare providers anywhere in the country.

Help resolve insurance claims:
Our experts get to the bottom of your issue to assist with negotiating billing and payment arrangements.

Work with insurance companies:
Our team works on your behalf to obtain appropriate approvals for needed services.

Answer questions:
We help you become more informed about your plans, what is covered, and how they work.

Expanded Services

Schedule appointments:
We can help expedite the earliest appointments with providers including hard-to-reach specialists and arrange treatments and tests.

Assist with eldercare:
Address senior issues such as Medicare and related healthcare issues facing your parents and parents-in-law.

Get cost estimates:
You'll receive comparable costs of common medical procedures in your area to help you make informed decisions.

Transfer of medical records:
We'll also handle the details of transferring x-rays and lab results.


Additional Resources Our Clients Find Valuable

HR Concierge

Augment your HR needs with a dedicated professional partner, available when you need them.

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Benefits Administration

Reduce the time spent on Benefits Administration and improve accuracy.

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Wellness That Works

A comprehensive wellness strategy that provides a clear ROI and metrics to measure success.

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Pension, 401K Tools

Our team of industry thought leaders can assist with your retirement and business continuity strategies.

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