BlogsWant to Attract Top Talent? Here’s How

August 1, 2016, by Ryan Miller

Let’s be honest, these days the recruitment game can be daunting. With companies like Google and Apple offering employee-centered communities and unbelievable benefits, smaller start-ups and businesses are nervous about being able to maintain an edge and attract top talent. A plethora of creative strategies abound for attracting top talent and in order to make sure you attract the best, we’ve put together some strategies based on our own experiences recruiting top talent for our company.

Sponsor events and cultivate an open, collaborative environment
The purpose of sponsoring your own events is to build brand awareness and foster an open, community minded space your future employees will recognize and enjoy. Creating an innovative leadership space focused on providing leaders in your industry access to a host of individuals goes a long way in cultivating a more open company culture as well. Try starting a Meetup group for your industry to encourage people to attend your events and expand your reach. Remember, even if these individuals are not looking for employment they can certainly connect you with people who are currently on the job search market.

Utilize social media and apps
Remaining active and controlling your image on social media is one of the greatest ways to get in front of new talent. Digital marketing and engagement is hyper-important these days and according to Glassdoor, 86% of people within the first ten years of their job search will use social media to find opportunities. Also, don’t forget to get mobile and utilize the latest apps! Hired and JobMo are great solutions for posting new jobs and finding top talent. After all, job surfing on the subway is now a thing.

Prioritize responses
It seems fairly straightforward to prioritize application response, but we all know that daily projects and requests get the best of us. However, if you want top talent to maintain a quality impression of your company and how you work, be sure to prioritize responses. It can be as simple as telling them you will send a longer message later, but don’t ignore those job seekers that respond to your position. Remember, you also have the opportunity to save resumes and candidates for other positions, so keep those responding in the loop!

Make sure employees are aware of available positions
Your current employees are the best advertising service you have at your disposal. They maintain firsthand accounts of company culture, manager effectiveness, and general success of your company. Many times your current top talent is aware of or knows well other top talent. Publicize the positions you are hiring for and ask you’re A-team to advertise to their networks, a reward for recommending top talent never goes amiss as well.

We’d love to hear about your experiences and strategies for hiring top talent.

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This is part 4 of a 10 part series titled, The HR Leader.