BlogsUnderstanding the Alignment of HR

December 29, 2017, by John Welches

If you’ve been following the Centennial blog in recent weeks, you will know that we’ve already talked about the purpose of HR and the role of HR leaders. Next, comes the function of HR. How do you align your company’s goals and create a strong HR strategy to achieve them?

It begins with creating a team that has a business-oriented approach to HR. When business goals come first, HR strategy is going to be more effective. Have your HR team on board with these objectives to make these goals a reality.

When defining and aligning your HR functions, there should be four primary issues that require focus, strategic planning and follow-through. These include:

1. Effectiveness
From the HR management team down to the company staff following HR policies, you want to aim for effectiveness. This means having the right people in the right positions for more successful results across the board. When everyone is doing their part, the organization as a whole should thrive.

2. Cost-Effectiveness
Part of the HR function needs to be making sure that things stay within budget. Whether it’s the employee benefits you offer, training programs, office resources, salaries or other expenses, you want to seek out the most cost-effective solutions. Think about how can you achieve your HR goals without throwing the company budget off-track.

3. Accountability
It’s important for employees to be accountable for their actions and have ownership of their roles within the organization. A key function of HR needs to be fostering an environment of accountability across all levels of the company.

4. Bottom-Line Contribution
Accountability also means that everyone on the team should be making a worthwhile contribution to the organization’s goals. If talent or efforts are being wasted on something that is not contributing, it is time to rethink and reorganize. If an important goal is not being achieved, human resources should be re-appropriated to make it happen.

When you align your HR goals and focus on the function of human resources management, you will see your organization become more effective. Centennial can help you with your HR management, strategy and implementation. With our technology, training and resources behind you, you will see your HR alignment stronger than ever. Contact us today for more information or an HR consultation.