BlogsThe Power of Choice in Employee Benefits

October 20, 2015, by Matt Hanson

When your organization is deciding which benefits to offer, you probably put a great deal of consideration into your mounting healthcare costs as well as compliance with the Affordable Care Act.  Company priority may be to keep costs down and compliance in check, but so is keeping employees satisfied. So who wins?

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One way to accomplish a win for both the employer and employee is to determine financially what your company can contribute toward employee monthly premiums and then give employees plenty of solid options to choose from. It’s not uncommon for a broker to offer a multitude of medical plans—but that certainly doesn’t mean you should offer them all. Even 31 Flavors knows that too many choices would overwhelm their sweet-toothed shoppers!

Your employees expect you to be the expert when it comes to benefit offerings and they trust you to do the research, refine their choices with their needs in mind, and present their options in a simple, understandable format.

You can help your employees be more confident decision makers by also giving them a choice of how to receive information and guidance. Have decision-making support available via 24/7 online programs, live chat, email, telephone and even company visits from the broker. Employees will appreciate that you are making every effort to help them make the right decision with regard to their healthcare coverage.

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Centennial’s ground-breaking True Choice program is the solution that succeeds in addressing both employer and employee concerns about choice, quality and compliance. In addition to 42 medical plan options for employers to consider, True Choice can also assist in offering a variety of dental, vision, and chiropractic plans, as well as 401k plans.

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Centennial is an employee benefits consulting firm with over 15 years experience. We are an innovative resource and a smart benefits partner who can help small employers offer greater value to their workforce by providing highly desirable plan options in an informative, user-friendly format.

Click here to learn more about how True Choice is a wise choice for employers who recognize the value of giving choices.