BlogsThe Benefits of Online HR Software

August 24, 2015, by Matt Hanson

Small businesses juggle multiple responsibilities. With a lean structure, every task from marketing to operations to human resources can fall on one individual. Even more, with the introduction of new mandates like the Shared Employer Responsibility, HR professionals are tasked with more and more duties to ensure ACA compliance. If you’re facing this burden, advanced HR technology may be just what you need to experience some relief.

Transferring your human resource data online will produce the following benefits.

  • Reliable time tracking. The Employer Mandate requires employers with more than 50 employees to provide benefits to full-time staff, which is measured as 30 hours per week or more. A company with variable or seasonal employees may run into problems making this calculation. However, this problem is easily solved by employing online tools that consolidate time tracking in one place.  For more information on the Employer Mandate, read Centennial’s free white paper.
  • Enhanced benefit compliance. Online benefits software like Centennial’s True Choice guarantees ACA compliance so companies can trust their decisions are compatible with current regulations. Risk is decreased and employees receive more choice in their healthcare decisions.    
  • Improved time management. Doing human resource work manually is time consuming and error prone. Don’t have your employees waste their time buried in paperwork all day. By bringing HR administration online, you or your employees will have more time to focus on the areas that make your business thrive and profitable.
  • Real-time reporting. Do you need to know how many vacation days an employee has left or send a copy of the last three paystubs? Online HR software creates a centralized hub for company-wide information. Quickly and efficiently locate, report and share the information you need.

Technology is making our lives easier, and human resource departments are not exempt. Not only will the True Choice HR Management Platform minimize laborious paperwork, but it will help track and manage benefits, premiums, life event changes, employee communications, compliance records and more. For more information, contact Centennial today.