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July 27, 2015, by Matt Hanson

The sun was setting, Newport Beach was cast in a golden hue, and the night brought in stars to the red carpet at Lido Live. On July 9th, 2015 Newport Boulevard and Via Lido bustled with activity as guests began arriving at the Lido Theatre for Centennial’s annual Client Appreciation Event.

The night’s attractions included a special showing of the new blockbuster film, Terminator: Genisys. To honor the event, Centennial brought in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official Terminator stunt double and professional impersonator to properly portray the evening’s theme.
Once all guests had walked down the red carpet and taken photos with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s double, they began shuffling into the Lido Theater where an array of appetizers and beverages awaited.

The evening’s guest of honor was Centennial CEO, Matthew Hanson’s sister Shari Hanson. Shari has worked on set as the visual Effects Producer of Terminator: Genisys as well as countless other Hollywood films in recent years. She prepared a presentation in which she gave an insider’s view with video footage on how visual effects are created and used in graphically stunning movies. When it came time to indulge in the night’s main movie attraction all guests had acquired a newfound appreciation for an already great film.

The movie ended with a bang, the credits rolled, and the annual Centennial Client Appreciation event concluded with great success. Guests collect their last few handfuls of popcorn before walking out into the warm summer evening where they looked up to see the brightly lit Lido sign and say “I’ll be back.”