BlogsHow to Strengthen Your Leadership Performance

August 29, 2016, by Ryan Miller

Leaders have a difficult task as they lead teams for they must guide and support their team members while still focusing on their own goals and motivations. Being a successful leader requires finesse, strategic direction, and dedication. The more time you spend fostering your own positive leadership qualities, the greater your overall return will be in work and with your team members. Based on our conversations with HR leaders from all over Southern California, we think the following tips can be helpful in strengthening your leadership performance.

Craft a Mission Statement
Part of being a good leader means modeling behavior you wish to see in your employees. Create a mission statement that is connected to your goals and desired accomplishments. Be sure to share this statement with your team and encourage them to do the same. Mission statements can also help to set clear leadership expectations and team objectives.

Always advocate for your team
We don’t think this can be stressed or practiced enough. Advocating for your team members is a vital habit of successful leaders across all disciplines. Your teams’ successes and advancements reflect positively on you as well, so make sure to get them what they need by advocating on their behalf.

Set up a daily check-in with your team
Meetings are difficult to coordinate and take up valuable time during the day, but spending 10-15 minutes each day to coordinate with your team can be the perfect way to connect and bolster a strong culture. A good leader understands what is happening with their team on a day to day basis and builds a healthy relationship with them. Here at Centennial we use SimplyWin for our check-ins and it's been a huge asset.

Give honest, real time feedback
Providing real-time, honest feedback will help your colleagues and team members adjust strategies and execute successful strategies quickly and efficiently. Set an expected feedback schedule, but do not be afraid to provide in the moment tips or advice as these are crucial times to fix behavior or attitudes. Your colleagues will appreciate your honesty, no matter how difficult it is to hear, and your team will thrive under your honest leadership.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but instead to provide a few helpful ways for you to strengthen your leadership performance. We would also like to hear from you. What types of resources and practices have been beneficial to you? Submit your tips to and you may be featured in an upcoming HR leader blog post!