BlogsHow to Brand Your Company’s Benefits

April 19, 2017, by Ryan Miller

We all know that branding is important to your business. On a consumer level, it gives your company an identity that they can identify with and remember. Powerful and consistent branding will put you on the map and enable you to keep growing because people will know who you are and what you do.

Building Culture and Value
We’re not here to talk about consumer branding, though. We would like to discuss the value of branding when it comes to building an internal company culture. More specifically, we are talking about branding your company’s benefits. A strong brand will permeate everything within your company, so your employee benefits should be no exception.

The concept of branding is simple. You want people to feel good about what you offer. For consumers, it’s the products or services you sell. For employees, it is culture and benefits that you want to promote. When employees feel good about the place they work and the benefits they receive, it’s a win-win scenario.

Understand Your Audience
So, how do you “brand” your employee benefits? It starts with listening to your employees and understanding their needs just as you would research your target audience when developing a consumer brand. In this case, your employees are your target audience. Get a feel for what your employees value most. If possible, adjust your benefits offerings to best meet their collective needs and desires.

Then, it’s all about promotion, education and packaging to sell your employees on the benefits they are receiving. The trick is doing it without them feeling like they are being sold something.

1. Promotion – Highlight the best aspects of your employee benefits program and relate it directly to the most popular needs and desires uncovered through the research process.

2. Education – Take the time to educate your employees on all the benefits available to them. Even if they never end up using all of them, you are building value in their minds and that will certainly help them feel better about what they are receiving.

3. Packaging – Look for opportunities to apply branding practices to different aspects of the employee benefits or to the program as a whole. Use positive imagery and memorable taglines. Make the employee benefits package fun or memorable for them and do it prominently over time so they never forget the great benefits they have available to them.

Benefits Branding Strategies
You use branding to help sell your customers on your products and services every day. Don’t forget to use similar branding techniques to improve your company’s internal culture and promote employee benefits.

Centennial can help you put together the ideal employee benefits programs and promote them within your company. Contact us today for more information about how to brand your employee benefits in a more effective way.