BlogsEmployee Wellness Programs: Make Your Employees Care

March 23, 2016, by Matt Hanson

“We have a wellness program?”

Heard this before? After months of pulling together a plan to improve employees’ health and wellness in hopes that it will also decrease your insurance costs, it can feel like the ultimate failure to realize it’s not paying off. Adding a wellness program is only as good as the buy-in you receive. If no one cares, then no one participates.

Struggling with implementing an effective employee wellness program? Trying to figure out how to get your employees to care? Follow these three helpful tips.

1. Communicate the benefits. You need 60-70% participation to impact behavior, so have a strategy in place to educate your employees on the new wellness program. Make the enrollment process easy and clearly identify what’s in it for them. Many employees simple don’t know enough about their company’s wellness program. Avoid this obstacle with a clear communication plan.

2. Initiate a follow-up routine. Accountability is key for employee engagement and success when it comes to wellness plans. Try assigning a personal coach to each employee who will provide direction and personal attention.

3. Track progress together. A plan to track progress is crucial for those competitive spirits in the office. Employees can monitor their personal progress and also compete against one another in a friendly environment that promotes overall better health at your company.

Before announcing any new changes to your employees, make sure key leaders in the company are informed of the benefits. Let them be the champions of the program. They will be your greatest assets in communicating the benefits, providing accountability, and generating excitement about seeing goals achieved.

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