BlogsDo you see employee development as a benefit?

May 17, 2016, by Ryan Miller

"Career development programs are poised for significant growth this year, as employers recognize alternative rewards as part of a benefits strategy to keep and retain employees.

According to new research by Korn Ferry Hay Group, companies are prioritizing career development over other alternative rewards, benefits and bonuses for their employees. More than half of the 242 employer respondents polled by the consulting group said they intend to expand the use of career development programs across all employee levels."

The above excerpt was taken from a recent article in "Employee Benefit Advisor" and addresses an ever-growing topic of conversation in the world of employee benefits. As employers search for creative ways to overcome the rising costs of traditional benefits (healthcare) and create a more compelling company culture while their employees look for opportunities to grow (both and people and professionals), things like employer-provided career development programs will quickly gain popularity.

Reasons employers use career development and other non-traditional benefits:

  • 81% use them to engage employees.
  • 88% use them to stay competitive.
  • 90% use them to be an employer of choice.

So what about you? How do you view career/employee development in your organization?

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