BlogsCentennial’s 2016 HR Workshop - A Huge Success

July 6, 2016, by Ryan Miller

Counselor. Coach. Employee advocate. Business strategist. As the business world changes, so does the role of the HR professional. Centennial recognizes this and makes it a top priority to grow on every level with their clients and their surrounding community. That is why Centennial recently hosted their 2016 HR Workshop at Andrei’s restaurant in Irvine on June 7th.

Over 100 guests arrived to the event that Tuesday morning and made their way into the reserved restaurant. Coffee, name tags and warm smiles greeted them as they began to be seated at their tables where other HR professionals gathered and began introducing themselves to one another. Ryan Miller, Centennial’s Director of Sales and Marketing, walked to the front to welcome the crowd and give them a brief overview of the day’s objective. The workshop was broken down into three areas; Employee Engagement, Company Culture, and California Leave Law updates. Each topic’s presenters held different messages but all aided the very common issues and concerns of human resources today.

Ryan handed the microphone off to the workshop’s first presenter, Steve VerBurg from Dale Carnegie Training. Steve very successfully warmed the crowd up with an interactive presentation activity titled “The Manager – Employee Relationship: The Bottom Line for Engagement.” The hundred or so HR professionals seemed to very much enjoy openly discussing prompted topics which they faced every day in their roles. The last activity drew out the 6 main items that could very well be deemed as the real bottom line of employee engagement. 1) Provide growth development opportunities, 2) Mentor and coach, 3) Help employees build networks, 4) Remove obstacles and provide resources, 5) Hold accountable to high performance, and 6) Show you care.

Centennial President and CEO Matthew Hanson presented next on the importance of Company Culture. It has become relevant in widespread surveys that today’s workforce wants more than to merely trade their minutes for dollars. Today’s employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves, something that serves a greater cause. To illustrate how Centennial focuses on providing a positive culture, Matthew discussed two of the ten company’s core values. He explained the importance of generosity within and outside the workplace and how Centennial focuses on demonstrating this value on a daily basis. Through the core value of commitment to excellence, Matthew explained that he and his team continuously assist one another in an ongoing strive to reach both company and personal set goals.

The group of HR professionals then broke for lunch. While enjoying the assortment of Mediterranean themed dishes, attendees passionately discussed their thoughts on the relevant news of their positions to one another.

Erin Leach from Snell & Wilmer was the workshop's final presenter, providing updates on the array of California Leave Laws. From the onset of her presentation, attendees were quickly writing down valuable notes. Leave Laws, old and new, were explained in depth and with tremendous knowledge by Erin. Several very rich questions were answered in the Q&A after Erin’s presentation. After the workshop’s three presenters finished the Q&A, Ryan came back up to the front and thanked the crowd for attending.

The business world is continuously changing. HR professionals know this very well and those who strive for success must grow with every change or challenge that they face. With a commitment to stay ahead and to be well informed, Centennial strives to grow with their clients.

If you would like further information on this workshop, or have a suggestion for a future event, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Miller at or (714) 740-1111 ex 274.