BlogsCentennial President Matthew Hanson Featured on Critical Mass Radio Show

February 16, 2016, by Matt Hanson


"If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want. This means we must serve other people, show up on time, tell the truth, and stay detached from the outcome.” – Matthew Hanson, Centennial President and CEO

Our president, Matthew Hanson, was recently featured on the 1100th Episode of Critical Mass Radio Show. Matthew sat down with Richard Franzi to chat about how Centennial got started, the challenges facing the industry, Centennial’s proactive response to adapt our organization to these changes, and the bright future ahead as we focus on becoming the dominant regional firm in Orange County.

During the interview, Franzi mentions how increased federal regulation and the passing of the Affordable Care Act have impacted our industry in recent years. Rather than hoping it would go away, Matthew shares how he led Centennial to focus on helping our customers deal with these changes successfully. This mission has not only improved our own culture, but also gained exposure from outside entities. This year we were included in the Inc 5000. It’s an affirmation of our how we serve our customers and community, and “if we continue to do those things I think the marketplace will reward us,” says Hanson.

To learn more about Centennial’s unique culture and commitment to lead our customers well through healthcare’s radical transformation, listen to the entire radio show here.