BlogsCentennial Partners with Charitable Giving Platform, Co.tribute

January 28, 2016, by Matt Hanson

Integrating philanthropy and generosity into Centennial's culture has been an important value from the very beginning. We take initiative to do something together as a company outside of ourselves at least twice a year, and it’s always been a really fantastic and meaningful experience. Recently, Centennial added a new pathway that provides employees an opportunity to give back. Using the charitable giving platform by Co.tribute, employees can contribute to a cause they are uniquely passionate about each month. 

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There are many companies today that have a heart to give back to the community, but aren't sure where they should start. The process can be daunting, and you might be wondering if engaging their employees in giving would yield productive results. We checked in with a company who not only gets involved with their local community, but also effectively unites the office through philanthropy, to see how they began this process of giving and how it's affected the company culture.

Matt Hanson, founder and president of The Centennial Group, serves as a shining example of how to implement philanthropy in the workplace. The Centennial Group is an employee benefits broker and human resource advisory firm based out of Costa Mesa, California. For 15 years, The Centennial Group has been crucial in assisting middle-market businesses with navigating the choppy waters of employee benefits. Apart from their success as a firm, The Centennial Group has also made major strides in the area of philanthropy. We had a chance to sit down with Matt and gain some insights on how he incorporates giving in the workplace, and learn about the effects that philanthropy has on the employees at Centennial.