BlogsCase Study: Innovative Product Solutions

November 9, 2016, by Ryan Miller

In 2010 Centennial was approached by a fleet and maintenance company with 200 employees. They had three challenges: the administrative burden of their benefits, ensuring compliance and overseeing open enrollment. Here is how we helped them:

The Situation

In early 2010 Company 2 experienced dramatic growth and went from 6 employees to over 700 in just 60 days. They quickly became the leading provider of fleet maintenance services to the Fortune 500 but as their numbers grew so did their concern with compliance and proper benefit administration. Centennial met with Company 2 and quickly proved that they were a benefits partner that could provide them the same level of innovation, solutions and measurable results which they too provide for their customers.

The Challenge

Due to such humble beginnings, Company 2 did not have a Human Resources department developed which made their new set of needs particularly tricky. They needed a skilled benefits advisory partner to help them build out a plan design that could support such rapid growth throughout 10 different states.

They had no formal Open Enrollment meetings nor did they have set criteria for plan selection and contribution levels. There was no implementation process set for benefits administration and the workload would have been overwhelming for a new HR Manager.

The Solution

The employee onboarding process was streamlined by building out a technology tool to capture key enrollment and onboarding data. Marrying it with a high touch help desk that took calls, emails and requests from Company 2’s employees as well as made concentrated outbound effort to support HR objectives. Centennial’s work was intertwined with Company 2’s HR team as it was being defined and built out.

For the first year of partnership, Centennial acted as an outsourced Human Resource department for Company 2 and all of its employees. Their numbers were able to continue growing and the company executives didn’t have to waste any of their precious time worrying about compliance issues.