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October 4, 2005, by Matt Hanson

Can your insurance broker change the world?

With the exception of a few in the entertainment industry and a handful on college campuses, most of us view the country we live in as the best of the choices available. Talk to an immigrant from Eastern Europe, Africa, Honduras, or Hong Kong, any doubt you harbor will be eliminated.

I didn’t choose to live here. I didn’t plant the trees, form the mountains, fill the lakes or chart the rivers I so much enjoy. Because of that, I am awestruck by what I have been given. A successful insurance practice is one of those things. Yes, I worked hard to build it and still have to. And no, it is not the biggest. You won’t see me on any list published in Fortune magazine. But as the hymn goes, “It is good.”

The same country that gave a boy from a broken home in Arkansas, a peanut farmer from Georgia and an actor from California the opportunity to become President, gave us all the opportunity to be all that our God-given souls can be. To my shock, dismay, and confusion, many people and many nations don’t share my view of the United States of America. If they don’t just dislike us, they despise us and a few nut cases want to destroy us.

We, the employees and owners of the Centennial Group, are going to do something about it. We will run our businesses very effectively, we will retain our customers by lowering their costs and giving them the tools and resources to improve their business. I will provide a performance-oriented workplace and take care of my employees, their families, and make a profit.

I will contribute a portion of our revenue to causes that benefit those in need both here and abroad. During 2004, we provided 1,500 meals for the homeless, paid for the framing of a new house (through Habitat for Humanity), made a down payment on a water well in Africa and provided a year of education and support to a 2nd grader in Indonesia.

We are just getting started. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. There is more to this life than just living and dying. Yes, I believe your insurance broker can change the world and so can YOU.


Matthew Hanson