Blogs6 Insurance Alternatives You Shouldn’t Offer Your Employees

May 27, 2015, by Matt Hanson

For small companies, providing employees with spectacular insurance can be difficult. When you have surpassed the challenge of supplying basic health plans, making everyone happy with the most cost-effective or diverse vision and dental coverage is always an added obstacle.

That is the coverage most employees should have, and yet for companies with under 50 employees, it seems impossible.

For smaller businesses, usually a minimum of 50% of employees need to select vision and/or dental insurance for the option to be viable. So if more than 25 employees opt out, it becomes next to impossible for the remaining employees to get coverage.

If you find yourself in this predicament, what is there to do? There are many articles online about cheap ways to save when it comes to dental plans, but for the most part they are completely impractical. No one should skimp when it comes to their health. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when they look for cheap dental options, and reasons why these errors should be avoided:

  1. Discount Dental Plans: Avoid them at all costs! If the dentist knows they will not be receiving the full price for their services, they might cut corners. Is a discounted plan really worth risking the dental health of you or your children?
  2. Utilize Dental Schools: It’s not a secret: people hate the dentist. It is estimated that about 75% of US adults go through some sort of anxiety or stress when they visit the dentist. Is having a dental student examine you really the best option? They are inexpensive for a reason: the dentists are still learning.
  3. Daily Dental Deals: No, just no. The deals on Groupon and LivingSocial are almost impractical. The dentists that offer those deals are not the best quality option. For the same reason as those discounted dental plans we talked about in mistake #1, discounted services are not the way to go. Not only that, but hopping around to that many different dentists just to get a good deal will more than likely lead to a bad experience and inconsistent opinions. 
  4. Leave the Country: First, if a trip outside the country is affordable, then a better plan should be affordable. Though there are certainly dental companies worldwide that would do a good job, is it worth traveling to Costa Rica or India to get cheaper dental care? If it is done improperly, how will it be fixed? The fixing might cost more than the initial procedure in the first place.
  5. Free Clinics: Again, going for the discounted price is not the way to go. It almost expands on the fear we mentioned in mistake #2, and comes with the uncertainty of the quality of dentist that we mentioned in mistake #3. Why combine the two?
  6. Negotiation: Of all these terrible options, this one seems the most reasonable. And it might be for smaller dental work. But what about that root canal? That jaw surgery? There is no way to negotiate down a $7000 dental bill to any sort of reasonable price.

True Choice is the best choice for small businesses that want to give their employees the best dental insurance available. With True Choice, you can keep your employees healthy and happy with affordable health insurance options. You get the same options that the major companies get! Just meet with us and we can help set you and your company up with the best insurance choices for them—including dental!

And the best part: no requirement to meet a minimum participation level. The employees choose whichever insurance that best fits their needs in a price range that makes both you and your employee happy.

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