Blogs3 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Wellness Program

March 29, 2016, by Matt Hanson

Over the years, wellness programs have been seen as a nice idea, but something that doesn’t always work in most companies, so why bother? However, when implemented correctly, wellness programs can be very effective for a company’s culture and budget. In fact, there are many points that prove why every company should have a wellness program. Here are just a few:

  1. Fewer Claims + Lower Premiums = Reduced Costs. Studies show that employees who do not engage in a company’s wellness program generally have higher healthcare claims. This is because wellness program participants practice healthy habits, which allows them to maintain a healthier lifestyle over those who do not participate. If you are able to get your employees started on a wellness program, your company will likely see reduced costs in claims and premiums.
  2. Cultivate a Positive Office Culture. Wellness programs do more than just provide food and exercise options for employees; they also bring about a healthier work environment! Employees who like where they work and feel valued will create and produce better work because of it. What better way to make your employees feel valued than by providing them with a fantastic wellness program at their disposal.
  3. Increase Employee Retention Rate. Happy employees have a higher likelihood of staying at their jobs. And what makes them like their jobs? Extra programs that boost the morale of the team, like a wellness program. Employee turnover costs are expensive, which is why a successful wellness program is so important. If employees are enjoying themselves and the environment the wellness program has helped to create, your retention rate will most likely increase.

It’s clear that when executed correctly, a proper wellness program provides signficant benefits to a company.

Is your wellness program struggling to show results? Take a look at our infographic on how to create a successful wellness program here.