About:Product Advantage

It’s generally true that all brokers have access to the same product at the same price.  But NOT ENTIRELY. As a National member of the Benefit Design Center we have been able to collaborate with 40 of the top growth oriented, privately held Employee Benefit firms to aggregate our influence for the benefit of our customers. This shows up as proprietary products, special plan designs for specific industries or ultra competitive pricing.

Employers Advantage Direct, The EAD High Performance Pool, Centennial HR ConciergeEmployee Help Desk, a World Class Compliance Department and Wellness That Works are a few of the services that enhance the customer experience with the many traditional insurance and investment products we offer.

Centennial is the host for the Employer’s Advantage Direct High Performance Pool (EADHP). The EAD High Performance Pool is a product available only to employers who have a commitment to following the best practices laid out in the Towers Perrin report for the sake of reducing their healthcare spend and increasing productivity relative to their peers.

Participants agree to a number of basic tenants that include:

  • A Commitment to Consumer Driven Health Care
  • A Culture of Health and Wellness
  • Value Based Benefit Design
  • Engagement in a comprehensive Wellness Strategy with quantifiable ROI metrics.