About:Price Advantage

How do employers gain price advantages with insurance carriers? Size and reputation do matter.  With Centennial you get both.

Not only do we have access to all the products a traditional broker has, we have some exclusive and proprietary products.  Employers Advantage Direct, and the EAD High Performance Pool are examples .  As a founding partner of the National Benefit Design Center the volumes of 45 of the largest and fastest growing privately held regional brokers have aggregated volume.

We are easy to work with, dependable, tell the truth and advocate well for our clients.  This, combined with our volume of business aggregated through the National Benefits Design Center gives our clients several distinct advantages.  Our customer gets better product, better pricing, underwriting concessions and in many cases a higher level of service for select carriers.

Centennial's consultants provide creative solutions to controlling costs and helping you attract and retain quality employees.  We offer innovative plan designs around stratified networks HSA’s, HRA’s, HIA’s, Value Based Plan Design and other Consumer Driven solutions.  Our Five Principles of success will show you how you can bend the cost curve just as other High Performing Companies have to give themselves a competitive advantage in there marketplace.

Centennial competency goes beyond medical insurance and how to control that cost.  It include the ability to advise on HRIS systems, payroll integration,  wellness, supplemental benefits  and workforce productivity.
With Centennial you can give yourself a competitive advantage.