About:Mission, Vision & Values

It is the mission of Centennial to create value for employers by providing services that represent their benefit philosophies and financial objectives. We achieve this by building relationships based on long-term loyalty and trust. We put our clients' interests first and are generous with our time, talent and resources.

Our Principles and Values

Passion for Service
We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients. We value our clients and respect their expertise and accomplishments. Mutual trust and credibility are the foundation on which we build all our client relationships. We are committed to the delivery of the highest quality service and we provide our clients with considered, results-oriented advice. We are empathetic to our clients' concerns and address them immediately.

We are a team of professionals who are committed to excellence and dedicated to creating a premier service organization. We treat one another fairly, with respect and dignity. We value diversity in our team. We help our employees realize their full potential, providing a work environment with trust, open communication, encouragement, recognition and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We realize the quality of what we do is more critical than the scope. That is, we would rather do one task exceptionally than ten with mediocrity. We continuously seek to improve and reach for perfection. We attain this high level of quality through actively planning for the future and being organized in our daily work.

We honor our commitments and seek to ensure they are fair and contribute to the welfare of all of our clients. We always strive to make the right choice. We are trustworthy and consistent in our actions.

Leadership & Innovation
We are not afraid to take chances. We strive to push the envelope and set trends within our industry. We seek innovative ways to achieve this and always keep an eye towards the future. We anticipate client needs and develop effective solutions.

Committed to Winning
We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace.

We give freely of our time, talents and resources.  It is part of our nature to serve and support others so that our contributions to society and individuals live beyond our work product.